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Install high compartments to brighten indoor light
May 12, 2020

In the case of rainy days, the lighting design of the high compartment of some corporate offices is very poor, and the severity can even make the interior dark. What should I do if I encounter the problem of poor light in the high compartment of the office?


For people who often work in the office, if the light transmission effect of the high compartment of the office is not good, it is really depressed. If the high interval of a solid partition product is adopted, the situation of poor lighting performance will hardly occur. The high compartment designed by a solid partition company is measured and customized according to the actual situation. It is not impossible to save other high compartments with poor lighting performance. Let me give you a list of how to solve the poor indoor light situation!


1. Design and install a light group on the ceiling. If our office work site is too dim, multiple light groups can play a certain role.

2. Open a few more windows in the direction of the sun, so that more light can enter the room, and windows can also be added to solve the phenomenon of too dark offices.

3. Improve the circulation of light, try to open up the office with sufficient light and the interior with dim relations as much as possible, combine them, and separate them with glass partitions is also a very good practice.

4. When decorating, use light-colored plain materials, on the one hand we can increase the finish in the corporate office, on the other hand can make a room information more bright.

5. If the situation permits, you can try to re-use a solid high compartment. The high compartment is simple and elegant, giving people a comfortable working experience and making the company more face-saving.

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