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Ten advantage of Egood movable partition wall
Nov 26, 2021

Why choose Egood as your movable and fixed partition supplier?

  1. Egood is a leading manufacuturer engaging design, manufacture, installation and after sale over18 years experience in Guangdong province. We focus on movable and fixed partition business only.

  2. Egood's business not only reaches every province of China but also extends to over 100 countries, includingKSA, USA, Singapore and Australia and etc...

  3. Egood strictly implements ISO9001 quality control system that ensures every single part of partition at client'srequirement.

  4. Egood is the only factory in China that passed acoustic test under ASTM standard in Hongkong.

  5. Benefit by its well trained technical staffs, Egood set up the service hotline. After receipt of client complaint feedback, Egood is able to offer solution within 6 hours. Technicans will be sent to solve problem if needed.

Lets see the ten advantages of Egood movable wall products. 

6. To seal the corner, Egood gets its own design about specially developed conically shaped corner pieces that fit closely together, with high density, strong collision, is not easily deformed even at temperature -100 ℃. Compared with other same industry manufacturers, Egood has great superiority in both sealing and noise insulation factor for its products.

Egood's self-innovation corner seal

7. Egood's sweep seals are the less expensive alternative to the retractable top & bottom seals, its multi-fingered vinyl seals that assist to sealing the gap between floor and the ceiling. This special noise insulation factor has been greatly improved in all-round way, and this advanced technology hasn't been used by others in the industry.

top and bottom sweep seals

8. Nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR) is made from butadiene and acrylonitrile through emulsion polymerization process at low temperature, its features are as follows: excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, strong adhesive force, etc. It has been widely applied in the field of automobile, aerospace and so on. Egood has used NBR sealing strip instead of PVC materials, so that its products are more wear-resistant, anti-aging, unbreakable, and achieve a better sound. insulation effect.

Nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR) seals

9. Glass wool, a typical porous sound-absorbing material, is of perfect performance in reducing both reverberation time and indoor noise, there're great numbers of tiny pores and fluffy staggered fibers inside. Characteristics of Egood's glass wool: light volume-weight, high coefficient of acoustic absorption, fire retardant and so on. The sound-absorbing effect is closely relevant to thickness and density of glass wool itself.

Different from other manufacturers in the same industry, Egood has used 55kg/m3 high density glass wool instead of those of 24kg/m3, and its products prove to have better sound insulation performance.

55kg/m3 high density Glass wool

10. ASTM international is an organization establishes standards for testing and application in many areas including acoustics. Egood designes and builds their acoustic operable partition systems including tracks, carriers, panels and doors according to the commom ASTM standards of Acoustics.

Egood conducts ASTM Standards of Acoustics test in HongKong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme(HOKLAS)for her 65,80 and 100 series of operation partition systems.

type 65 and type 80 test report

type 100 test report

More details and inquiry please contact:

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Email : sales3@chinajls.com

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