Acoustic Office Meeting Room Sliding Wall Partition

● Track system: Ceiling track;
● Sound insulation rate: 32-53db;
● Thickness panel:65mm,80mm,100mm,
● Panel frame color: customized.
● Parking way: customized according site condition.
● Moving way: Slding.
● Height : From 2meters to 5meters;
● Locking way : Fast lock.
● Infill materials: Acoustic rockwool.
● Finish:Wood Veneer, Melamine. Leather, Fabric, Glass…...

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Egood movable partition walls can be designed with the industry's most comprehensive range of dimensions, performance options, and decorative finishes. Increasingly, efficient space utilization becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition centers, studios and so on.

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Meeting room sliding wall partition:

1) Movable wall partition is modernized decoration style. It can separate the space speedly and conveniently. And it has sound insulation and heat insulation and fireproof function.

2) The Partition Board is made from high density frame, special made rubber, excellent sound insulation cotton and finish board etc. the finish board is flat and hard.

3) It doesn’t need track on the floor, we only hang the track on the ceilings and it can be at the same plane with the ceiling decoration. It won’t affect the whole decoration style.

4) Access door is available for partition panel.


Installation method:

Features of movable wall partition

Features of movable wall partition

Stacking Parking Options:

Stacking Parking Options

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