Cheap Price Movable Wall For Classroom

● Type: Type65,80,100
● Sound isolation: 32-53db
● Thickness:65mm,80mm, 100mm
● Window: Available
● Parking way: Customized according site condition.
● Pass door: Single, double leaf
● Height: From 2meters to 7.5 meters;
● Junctions adopted : L, T, X junction
● Infill materials: Acoustic rockwool.
● Finish:Wood Veneer, Melamine. Leather, Fabric, Glass...

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Movable partition wall is widely used for room division,which includes kindergarten. It can not only flexibly divide classroom in kindergarten into several parts but also provide a way for owner to have more customized designs on the walls, like cartoon, landscape ect.In the meantime, movable partition can have sound isolation in the rooms, it's quite essential when class are ongoing.

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Movable walls are specified where functional space delineation is an integral element within the partition project. Due to their flexibility and cost effectiveness they allow large rooms to be conveniently sub-divided to maximize space utilization. Principle applications include office interiors, meeting rooms, sports and leisure facilities, schools, colleges, churches, conference and function suites, exhibition centers, banks and restaurants. To create a better sound insulation movable partition wall, we put high density glasswool inside of the partition frame, adding steel sheet, sound damping felt inside of the partition.


Flexible stacking ways:


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