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Egood Movable Parittion in Sheraton Delta Hotel
Jul 30, 2021

Sheraton Kunming Hotel and Delta Hotel Kunming share 3,000 square meters of meeting and banquet space, including 1,352 square meters of pillar-free grand ballroom with a height of 9 meters, 8 multi-function halls of different sizes and 1 romantic and elegant The roof garden is suitable for hosting various events.


The banquet hall and other venues are separated flexibly and effectively with Egood movable partitions. The good sound insulation effect maximizes the simultaneous and reasonable use of the space, bringing the best use of the hotel and the result of maximizing economic benefits. . The high-quality movable partition products are eye-catching and have become a new and eye-catching highlight of the hotel, which is highly praised and respected by the onwers.

The hotel's banquet hall and conference hall are individually customized with "EGOOD" brand event partitions, and flexible space division is one of the main directions of the banquet hall design.

Comence time: October 15, 2019

Completed time: December 23, 2019

Movable partition type: super high 100 movable partition

Height: 8 meters

Area : 500 square meters

Sound Insulation Coefficient: 55db

hotel partition

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