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How Flexible Is The Office Area? The Clever Glass Partition Can Help You!
Mar 21, 2020

The clever design of using glass partitions for office decoration is very attractive to business owners. The high compartment decoration of EGOOD Partition products company uses economically integrated splicing mode, stability and safety glass partitions. Fashion, elegance, and generous styles and colors can fully reflect the corporate culture of a Chinese company. The steel frame concrete structure adopted by the aluminum alloy frame system structure has good seismic resistance, and the compartment frame is composed of mechanical materials of construction engineering structure. The combination of office glass partitions and venetian blinds. With the continuous innovation and development of the information office, more and more double-glass louvered glass partitions have been widely developed and used by 5A office buildings.


The office glass partition is cleverly designed. The stylish and elegant office glass partition has the advantages of good lighting, easy scrubbing, beautiful appearance, and natural environmental protection. Office glass partition is divided into double-layer glass partition and single-layer glass partition; it has the characteristics of impact resistance, easy disassembly and transportation, convenient installation, strong sound insulation, and good moisture absorption and permeability. It will make the office space look much larger when used. The more stylish and elegant office space is evenly partitioned, compact and orderly. The clever design of the partition walls and various materials have changed the traditional division of reinforced concrete space.


Yigu partitions focus on the development, design, and production of office partitions. They only innovate and progress for the vast number of consumers to develop a wider office career. If you happen to need and believe in EGOOD Partition, EGOOD Partition will definitely give you a satisfactory As a result, please call the service hotline of Yigu office glass partition: 4000-999-113.

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