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The Selection Of Movable Screen In The Design Of Hotel Banquet Hall Is In Line With The Contemporary Trend
Oct 12, 2020

If the banquet hall of the hotel is not equipped with activity screen, it can only undertake large-scale banquet activities. The service nature of the banquet hall is very single, and there is no diversified service. People's needs are always changing. In order to meet such changes, when designers design large-scale banquet halls, they usually use the hotel activity screen as the design direction. With the continuous innovation of space separation technology, the large-scale banquet hall has changed from a single traditional activity occasion to a diversified catering mode. Whether it is a small ballroom or a separate box, the movable partition wall of the hotel can always separate the appropriate small space in the grand ballroom to meet your actual needs.


From this, it is not difficult to analyze that the design direction of architects is based on people's needs as a hairstyle direction, and its basic trend is from single to diversified, from low-grade to high-grade. The development and application of hotel activity screen is the best proof of human demand from single to diversified development.

Hotel activity screen can complete people's demand for diversified space! This is due to the fact that the mobile partition wall of the hotel can change the layout and size of the space. Without this feature, the spatial pattern of the banquet hall is likely to remain unchanged.

Continuous innovation, continuous development according to the needs of social progress can not be missing the will, the mobile screen, mobile partition, these products are actually constantly through upgrading, innovation and change development. In short, in the early stage of construction, the enclosure protection of construction site aims to meet people's physiological and safety needs. In modern times, with the rapid expansion of science and technology, people's consciousness has been widened. Architects who have self-consciousness and created space try to create the characteristics of personality and environment. Because about how to design the hotel banquet hall and how to make the large-scale banquet hall more practical, it is because of this awareness that the architect designed the hotel activity screen, which is in line with the contemporary trend.

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