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Our company has advanced equipment and testing means, Heavy steel track insulation movable wall, Fire Retardant Type 80 85 Movable Partition, Durable heavy duty rail movable wall are sold all over the country. Under the care and support of friends from all walks of life, through the hard work and hard work of all our staff, we pursue to reach the peak of product technology to promote the healthy and rapid development of the company. We keep pace with the times and keep pace with the rapid development of science and technology. Our design, quality, service and price are very advantageous at home and abroad. With the help of technological transformation, we extensively carry out comprehensive independent innovation under the cooperation with advanced technologies at home and abroad. Enterprise development strategy is the soul of enterprise development plan. High technology is changing our work and life. We are willing to provide high-quality products for our customers with never-ending pace and persistent enterprising spirit.
  • Demountable Partition For Lounge

    Demountable Partition For Lounge

    ● Model: Type65,80,100
    ● STC: 32-53db
    ● Thickness of panel:65, 80, 100mm
    ● Frame color: Optional
    ● Track system: Type60, Type65 and Type80
    ● Windows: Available
    ● Height: From 2meters to 7.5 meters;
    ● Pass door:...
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  • Dining Hall Movable Partition With Installation

    Dining Hall Movable Partition With Installation

    ● Type: Type65,80,100
    ● Sound isolation: 32-53db
    ● Thickness:65mm,80mm, 100mm
    ● Track system: Type60, 65, 80 and 100
    ● Stacking way: According to site condition.
    ● Pass door: single, double
    ● Height: From 2meters to 17.5...
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  • Ballroom New Design Movable Partition

    Ballroom New Design Movable Partition

    Product name:EGOOD Ballroom New design movable partition
    Framework Color: Aluminum sliver
    Framework Materials:6063-T6
    Panel suspension:Top hung only
    Track system:Single or twin point
    Vertical profiles:Aluminum anodized with sealing...
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  • Fire Retardant Movable Partition Wall

    Fire Retardant Movable Partition Wall

    Egood provide panel finishes such as melamine,
    fabric, leather, wood veneer, high-pressure laminate
    or other customed surfaces, panels also are supplied
    unfinished (raw MDF or plywood) for field decoration
    to compliment the working or lving environment.
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  • Sound Absorbtion Movable Partition Panel

    Sound Absorbtion Movable Partition Panel

    ​In daily life, people sometimes want to change the spatial
    structure of the interior. But it is quite difficult to
    operate because the wall is fixed. And just adding a screen
    can't meet the demand. The emergence of movable partition
    walls has met...
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  • Modern Wall Paper Decoration Manual Operable Wall

    Modern Wall Paper Decoration Manual Operable Wall

    ■Egood 6063-T6 aluminum keel structure.
    ■Self-innovation corner seal to get better superiority in both dealing and noise insulation performance
    ■Top ande bottom sweep seals that assist to sealing the gap between floor and the ceiling.
    ■Egood used NBR...
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  • Sports Gym Operable Partition Wall

    Sports Gym Operable Partition Wall

    The surface material can be changed at any time according to the needs,
    and the choice of colors is also diverse. Different spaces and different
    uses can be used with different plate finishes, from simple and elegant
    to noble and domineering and noble and...
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  • Convention Cenre Fire Retardant Operatble Wall

    Convention Cenre Fire Retardant Operatble Wall

    ■Egood used NBR sealing strip instead of PVC materials so it is more wear -resistant, anti-aging, unbreakable.
    ■ 55kg/m³ high density glass wool to get higher soundproof performance.
    ■ Basic MDF face - Standard 9mm -12mm thickness for superior acoustic...
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  • Beauty Salon Foldable Door Top Hang Track

    Beauty Salon Foldable Door Top Hang Track

    Panel thickness: 65mm
    Maximum height: 4500mm
    Application:Function room, salon private room , VIP Room
    Finish: Fabric, wood, wall paper
    Door: Available
    Width: 1000-1200mm
    Price: As per square meter
    Acoustic performance: STC...
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  • Theate Movable Partition Panel

    Theate Movable Partition Panel

    ● Model Number :Type65/80/100 operable partition
    ● Matching Track: Type65/80/100 anodized aluminum track system
    ● Carrier bearing capacity: 225kg-1300kg
    ● Panel thickness:65/80/100mm
    ● Main structure:Anodized aluminum+aluminum Keel ...
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  • Demountable Partition For Hotel

    Demountable Partition For Hotel

    Panel thickness: 100mm Max. height: 17000mm Surface finish: unfinished bare&plywood, melamine, HPL, fabric, PU, wooden etc. Material:Aluminum Frame Structure, Anodizing Treatment Based board: 12 mm MDF Board or plywood board Transport package: Paper carton Top track:...
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  • Fabric Acoustic Panel Finish Movable Partition

    Fabric Acoustic Panel Finish Movable Partition

    Fabric acoustic panel finish also called fabric acoustic padding finish,
    fabric with foam finish,it provides your acoustical and aesthetic needs
    with their strong sound-absorbing performance,colorful appearance. These
    acoustical wall panels offers you an...
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This is the first time to cooperate with this company, we were a little worried at first, but after verification, the other party is a very professional supplier.
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I just tried it, the product works super, it's very convenient.
We were blown away by your company's beautifully crafted samples, we trust you and hope it will be a pleasant cooperation.
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We have great advantages and influence in talents, resources, network, scale and experience in production of 108 Office Partition Series, Movable Glass Wall, and become one of the enterprises with high competitiveness. We're well-known as one of the leading Art Gallery Writable Board Movable Partition manufacturers and suppliers in China for our cheap products and good service. Please feel free to buy or wholesale customized Art Gallery Writable Board Movable Partition at low price from our factory. Also, quotation is available.