China Products/Suppliers. Alumininum/Aluminum Glass Swing/ Sliding/ Hinged//Folding/ Fixing Doors

China Products/Suppliers. Alumininum/Aluminum Glass Swing/ Sliding/ Hinged//Folding/ Fixing Doors

Product name: fireproof meeting room sliding folding doors
General Use:meeting room folding partition wall
Place of Origin:Italy
Brand Name:Dorma
Soundproof rate:32-53db
Filler material:sound damping felt
fire retardant:Minimum 30 minutes
Framework material:Aluminium alloy
Surface Material:plaster board,aluminium sheet,aluminium plate

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Fireproof meeting room sliding folding doors Specifications

1.Fireproof meeting room sliding folding doors interlocking male / female trapezoidal vertical  aluminium profiles, for soundproof connection between elements.
2.To ensure fireproof meeting room sliding folding doors  additional friction connection, shall be integrated with magnetic strip.
3.Fireproof meeting room sliding folding doors is easy element adjustment after installation.
4.Fireproof meeting room sliding folding doors track system shall be Extruded aluminium, maintenance free with heavy-duty ball bearing steel rollers.


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