Transparent Portable Room Divider Screen Lightweight Aluminum Glass Wall Partition for Office

Transparent Portable Room Divider Screen Lightweight Aluminum Glass Wall Partition for Office

● Type: Type65,80,100
● Sound absortion rate: 32-53db
● Thickness:65mm,80mm, 100mm
● Track system: Type60, 65, 80, 100
● Hanging structure: steel
● Pass door: single, double leaf
● Panel height: From 2-20 meters
● Fireproof treatment: Available
● Soundproof materials: Glass wool, sound damping felt
● Finish option: melamine,HPL, acoustic fabric,glass ect....

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The movable partition wall is just right in the current indoor commercial design, and it can not only be used in the environment of hotels, exhibition halls, etc.It can not only play the role of separating space, but also improve the overall design and grade.

According to the interior design requirements, the space layout can be adjusted flexibly, so as to reduce the interference on the line of sight, and separate the sound and temperature. Such spaces are highly fluid.

Because it is a sound insulation product for places that need sound insulation, its sound insulation coefficient is very high, and the sound insulation coefficient range is: 38db-56db, which is suitable for the setting of special conference halls. Generally, the conference hall is a place that needs to be quiet. The sound insulation system of mobile partitions is suitable for places with low variability and high safety and concealment.


Fireproof Airport Folding Partition Wall
Door Panel Width600mm to 1230mm
Height of Panel2 meters to 20 meters
Acoustic Rate38db up to 56db
Panel Framealuminum with steel structure
Fixing AccessoriesGalvonized iron accessories go with the whole system
Door Panel Finishoptional of MDF,fabric,leather,veneer,melamine,HPL etc.
Lead Time roughly 30 days
Packingcarton, wooden case, steel pallete
Warranty1 year, and lifelong service

partition wall

seminar room partition  wall

Vertical view movable partition wall:

Movable wall structure

wood partition wall

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