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EG 100 foldable partition wall system
Oct 22, 2021

Egood 100 series operable partition is made of a high quality aluminium frame with composite materials. The panel has a standard thickness of 100mm and a width up to 1230mm. Maximum height can reach 7500mm tall. Its vertical seal,  together with the horizontal top and bottom retractable seals provide excellent acoustic insulation property of maximum STC 53db inlaboratory setting. Its excellent acoustic insulation property and maximum reach allow it to be used in ballroom,  banquet hall, multi function halls, auditorium, exhibition centre and other facilities which get high sound insulation requirement.

Our outstanding range of acoustic movable partitioning walls offer superb sound reduction properties and effortless manoeuvrability. The lightweight sliding panels have been expertly designed to allow users to quickly and effectively optimise space by stacking neatly at the side of a room to open it up or alternatively sliding along a top track to create multiple separate areas.

1 – Panels small or large can be manoeuvred to stack compactly within a room at either the end of the track or remotely within a storage recess.

2 – Operation and usage are essential and our products will satisfy customers for years offering continuous performance.

3 – Lecture theatres, particularly within schools, utilise our range of partitions offering separation of space as well as an acoustic divide to meet BB93 requirements.

100 Series Track System:

For Omni-directional panels up to 650kg. Two carriers are provided per panel. Each carrier has two horizontal counter-rotating wheels that roll (not slide) in the track. Each wheel has precision ground bearings, encased with POM, steel banded and reinforced. Carriers easily negotiate square or angled corners without switches. Usual dimension from the ceiling to the structure is 250mm.

type 100 partition wall technical drawing

type 100 operable wall in meeting room

type 100 operable wall in conference room

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