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Egood Partition make Banquet Hall alive
Nov 06, 2021

The result of the catering should be able to make people get the satisfaction they want. A large part of the satisfaction factor comes from the recognition of the catering environment. This requires the hotel to leave room for the diverse needs of people when setting up the interior space of the large-scale banquet hall. To be satisfied on a material basis. Therefore, in the process of constructing a large banquet hall, it is necessary to introduce a hotel mobile partition wall to separate it. So what kind of magical effect does this kind of wall have that can make the banquet hall meet people's diversified use requirements?

banquet hall partition wall

In the final analysis, this is due to the ability of the hotel's mobile partition wall to change the size of the space at any time. If people ask to hold a small banquet in the banquet hall at this time, the waiter can divide the hall into two by unfolding this wall and turn it into a small banquet hall for use; for the same reason, use this large banquet hall Divided into a number of independent small boxes, people can also enjoy the high-privacy dining environment service of three or five friends or family dinners; and connecting these divided small spaces into one, the hall can be restored, It is easy to receive large banquets.

hotel partition wall

foldable hanging wall


With the help of the hotel's mobile partition wall, the banquet hall has a multifunctional use effect. If you also expect that the large banquet hall of your hotel can also achieve multiple functions in one hall, then please call us:

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