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How To Install Movable Partition Is Professional?
Aug 12, 2020

In family life, many people to meet the needs of various functional areas, will use movable partition as a decoration technique. However, people who have not been exposed to this kind of products have very weak knowledge of partition products. It is easy to go into some misunderstandings. Guangdong Egood partition products Co., Ltd. will teach you how to install movable partition walls?


Movable partition

The size of hanging rail box of movable partition shall be 12 cm in height and 9 cm in width. Like the curtain box, a track is provided in the track control box to hang the movable partition on the hanging way. When the height of the door is less than 1.95 meters, there will be a feeling of depression. Therefore, when doing activity partition, the height requirement should be at least 195 + 12 = 207cm.

The gold size of ordinary doors is about 80 cm × 200 cm. In this structure, the door is relatively stable and beautiful at the same time. Therefore, the width and height ratio of movable partition door panel should be similar to gold size. Use the moving bulkhead from the ground to the top carefully (open the crane rail box). As the swing amplitude is too large when pushing and pulling, the longer movable partition is easy to deform, and the deformed rear door cannot be opened, which means that it cannot be repaired and cannot be used.

When installing the movable partition hoistway, fix the upper track, lift the two ends and middle points of the upper rail with a gravity cone (cone hammer), draw 3.3 fixed surfaces on the ground with oil pen, and then install the upper track well, and place the falling hammer to the ground in the direction of the track center. The track at both ends shall be placed on the vertical line, and the track at the lower end shall be fixed at these three points to ensure that the upper and lower rails are parallel and the sliding door is in a good state.

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