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Humanized Design Of Office Glass Partition
Apr 23, 2020

With the development of the use of office glass partitions, a lot of technological advances have allowed high-compartments to quickly melt into the office environment. In fact, the use of the Shandong high-compartment office brings us not only the beautiful office environment, but also allows us to relax better in work and improve work efficiency. Now more and more office high compartments will choose healthy and environmentally friendly glass and aluminum as the main frame material. The quality of aluminum alloy directly affects the safe use of partitions and the optimization of the indoor environment. It is the design of the office. More quiet, bright and comfortable.


At present, in addition to meeting the basic needs of customers, the design and use of office glass partitions in offices are more important to achieve barriers, sound insulation and other functions, while at the same time not losing visual permeability. Therefore, many high partition designers often use light and shadow when designing, so that color, space, light and other design elements can be combined through different variables to produce a very personal style, which brings high value-added to customers. . Use professional music isolation test settings to check the performance of noise isolation, isolate the door loophole processing to further enhance the sound insulation can be encrypted door seals, etc., to better complete the humanized design of the office high compartment.

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