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It Make You Know Movable Wall
Mar 04, 2020

The operable wall is also called movable wall, partition wall, movable screen, operable acoustic walls,operable partitions and soundproof wall partitions,the technology is from Germany. The operable wall has the characteristics of easy installation, reusable use, industrial production, fire prevention and environmental protection.


It make you know movable wall

Operable wall is a kind of movable wall that can divide large space into small space or connect small space into large space at any time, and has the function of general wall.The operable wall brings great convenience to people's work. For example, the movable screen, you can fold it aside when you need it, so that the two spaces are temporarily joined together to make it bigger and convenient for temporary departmental meetings;The movable partition has the characteristics of high soundproof, fireproof, movable, simple operation, etc. It is very suitable for the space of the star hotel banquet hall, the high-end restaurant room, the high-grade office conference room and other places. At present, the operable wall and fixed partition wall series products have been widely used in hotels, hotels, restaurants, clubs, multi-purpose halls, conference rooms, banquet halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, financial institutions, government offices, hospitals,factories and other occasions.


In recent years, the movable partition products have been widely adopted by modern designers, and the perfect integration with foreign technology has become more and more mature in the market. It has won deep recognition from the hotel industry, the restaurant industry, government enterprises and other industries.

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