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Movable partitions give the banquet hall dining space a rare humanity
Jun 15, 2020

It is said that many hotel owners are madly installing hotel movable partition walls for the banquet hall. Why is this happening? This is because such a hotel movable partition wall product can give the banquet hall dining space a rare humanity, and can easily receive banquets of different sizes.


movable partition

Both ergonomics and environmental psychology are emerging comprehensive disciplines developed in recent decades. In the past, when people studied and discussed problems, they often separated people and things, people and the environment, and treated them in isolation, thinking that people are people, things are things, and the environment is the environment, or simply adapting people to the environment People make requests. The modern interior environment design increasingly pays attention to the coordination between people and things and the environment, with human being as the main body and scientific basis. Therefore, when designing the indoor environment of the banquet hall, in addition to the design of the visual environment, the design of the humanized catering space should also be highly valued, and the hotel activity partition wall should be applied to the design practice.


So why do we need to use this kind of hotel partition wall in the interior environment design of banquet hall? Does it provide a huge role in creating a humanized dining space? The answer is self-evident. This kind of wall relies on the ceiling rails for movement. When necessary, the large banquet hall can be divided into multiple independent small boxes or small banquet halls for use, and when appropriate. Connect these small spaces into one and transform into an inherently large banquet hall. Its characteristic of changing the size of the space at any time is simply the choice of designing a humanized dining space. It is easy for the banquet hall to receive banquets of different sizes at any time according to actual needs. Now you can understand why so many hotel owners come to add crazy hotel partition walls to the banquet hall? That's right, because it can provide a rare and personalized dining space.

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