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The Hotel Does Not Want To Use A Single Form For The Ballroom?
Apr 02, 2020

The hotel does not want to use a single form for the ballroom? Then use the hotel movable partition wall to multifunctional it! The movable partition can make the original fixed hall flexible and diversified to achieve diversified uses. Faced with such a magical wall of hotel activities, don't you really come to know more about it?



Hotel characteristics are individual expressions that are different from the common characteristics. The subjectivity closely displays the theme elements and fully conveys the service positioning and operation mode. It is what every different type of hotel should think about. The problem of hotel homogeneity is that the hotel and the hotel have overlapping management methods, service positioning, etc., with the same functions and the same spatial layout. When the domestic hotel industry is facing such a problem, many operators lack a good way to change. In fact, if you apply the partition wall of the hotel movable to the partition of the functional space, then this problem can be effectively solved.


In the process of practical design, with the progress of society, people's catering needs in the hotel's large banquet hall are constantly developing. In the past, the function of large-scale banquet halls was to receive large-scale banquets, but nowadays, its reception form needs to be more diversified. Small-scale banquets, box-type gatherings, and individual dining have a very large market demand. Therefore, the inherently large and unchanging large space cannot be well balanced, so what should be done? A solid partition reminds you that the solution to the problem lies on the hotel's movable partition wall. It can effectively separate the fixed large banquet hall into a plurality of independent small spaces, and when appropriate, can connect these small spaces into one piece and change back to the lobby. In this way, the diversified demands of the dining environment have been greatly satisfied. If the banquet hall is to be multifunctional and free from the constraints of a single form of use, then it is best to use the hotel's event partition wall to separate it. If you also want the help of this kind of product, then please call us. The custom service hotline of Egood Hotel Movable Partition Wall is 4000-999-113.


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