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What are the advantages of fireproof partition
Jul 23, 2019

When it comes to movable partition, we will generally think of is used to partition the space, then fire partition, have you heard of it?As the name implies, we can intuitively understand is a partition with fire performance, for example, fire glass, fire shutter door can play an effective fire isolation this role.

Fireproof partition material

movable partition play a fire prevention role, it will generally use fireproof material production, such as mineral wool, metal, glass fiber, plasterboard, Its purpose is isolation the fire source or through the closed circulation of the air to avoid the spread of the fire.

Advantages of fireproof partition

1. Light weight: due to air bubbles injected into the wall panel, the material structure is uniform and honeycomb. The weight per cubic meter is less than 500kg, and it can even float on the water, so it is also called floating concrete.

2. High strength: the double layer steel mesh is added to the wallboard, which not only enhances the flexural resistance of the board, but also greatly improves the impact resistance.

3, fire resistance limit: qualified fire partition fire resistance limit can reach more than 2 hours.

4, insulation and sound insulation, insulation performance is very excellent.

5. Safe and economical: It reduces the load on the building, which reduces the investment in the foundation and structure of the building.And fireproof partition ply is relatively small, can reduce wall body to take up an area, because this can raise a bedroom to use a space.

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