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What are the classification of movable partitions?
Jul 16, 2020

The movable partition is also called the mobile partition, and its main function is to divide the indoor space so that the space can be flexibly changed and used. For example, it can allow a relatively large indoor space, such as a large meeting room of 800 square meters, to be divided into two meeting rooms of 400 square meters. It is also possible to combine two small meeting rooms into one large meeting room. More commonly used in conference rooms, banquet halls, convention centers, exhibition halls, hotels and other places.


According to its material, movable partitions can be divided into wooden movable partitions, framed glass movable partitions, and frameless glass movable partitions.

movable partition

Wooden movable partitions are mainly used in convention and exhibition centers, hotel banquet halls, restaurant boxes and other places. The decoration of wooden movable partitions is customized according to the decoration style on site. It can be used for soft bags, hard bags, wood grain and other styles of decoration On the surface, the design of the hotel movable partitions must be integrated with the overall style of the area, not too prominent, so as not to create a feeling of extravagance. This is the main reason why the hotel banquet hall and convention center use wooden partitions.


Framed glass movable partitions are also called high partitions and are mainly used in meeting rooms and offices in office buildings. The use of glass partitions in these areas is mainly because it can divide the office area and has a high degree of lighting and other properties, and it can also play a role of sound insulation like a solid wall. Under normal circumstances, the framed glass movable partition can also be equipped with manual or electric venetian blinds. This performance is especially suitable for occasions requiring high privacy. To meet people's privacy needs for vision and sound during office work, it can also take care of the flexible and effective processing of office area division. It is the best decoration match for office space.


Frameless glass partitions are mainly used to divide the interior space of relatively large buildings, such as indoor shops in airports, train station shopping malls, etc. There are no special requirements for sound insulation and temperature control in these places. Because the temperature of the entire internal space is controlled uniformly, and for the area, there is no great requirement for sound privacy when the business and non-business temporarily separate the flow of people, so there is no need to completely shut down. The corresponding gap is relatively large, but the visual penetration effect is particularly good. At present, most duty-free shops and shopping malls at the airport use this frameless glass to divide large and small shops.

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