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Why Can High Compartments Be So Widely Used In Office Buildings?
Jul 30, 2020

The high compartment is a combination of glass and aluminum alloy materials to create a simple, compact, laminated, transparent, intelligent and free humanized internal space. Its performance is not comparable to that of traditional partition products, but it means the replacement of new and old, the use of systems and raw materials, its use not only has the advantages of flame retardant, chemical-free and safe, but also has sound insulation and heat insulation. The effect, dust and surface cleaning effect, can even be used repeatedly in any space. Today, the high-compartment model is assembled, assembled and disassembled for easy transportation, and the high-compartment that was removed before can be reused even if the office environment is transformed.


high compartments

The high compartment uses a high-quality aluminum alloy frame structure, which is stable and portable, and never deforms. For the aluminum alloy frame, the structure design is reasonable and generous, and the edge sealing accuracy is high. It can be analyzed on the research surface Electrostatic spraying technology processing, the color is generous and beautiful, showing the beauty of modern art.


The high compartment is a space divided according to needs using glass as a partition, making better use of the space to meet various home and office use. Glass partitioned by glass usually has the advantages of wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, impact resistance, etc. It is safer, sturdy and durable, but there are also many physical injuries that are less than ordinary glass after the glass is broken. There are three types of material aspects: single, double, and art glass. Of course, everything must be done according to customer needs. The quality zoning work should be good lighting, good sound insulation and fire prevention, environmental protection, easy installation and glass can be recycled and reused.

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