Mobile School Acoustic Partition Wall

Mobile School Acoustic Partition Wall

Product name:Shanghai Mobile School Acoustic Partition Wall with Track
Framework Color: Aluminum sliver
Framework Materials:6063-T6
Panel suspension:Top hung only
Track system:Single or twin point
Vertical profiles:Aluminum anodized with sealing profiles
Retractable seals:Aluminum black with double rubber seals
Operation of seals:Manual, with supplied operating handle
Locking:Optional lock to pass doors
Pass doors:Single open in panel or double open in two panel

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The movable sound insulating and glass wall systems from Egood offer the very highest quality, functionality and variability for room-dividing and multifunctional layout configuration.

Excellent sound insulation properties allow different events to be held in adjacent areas without any intrusive noise. Combination with openness and transparency are also available with fully glazed elements as well.

The portfolio consists of a wide range of comfortable, functional and design products:

Manual sound insulating partition

Manual sound insulating glass partition

Manual glass partition

These high standards derive in particular from many years of know-how and accrued competence in system development.




EGOOD 65 SERIES operable partition is made of high quality Anodized Aluminum frame with composite materials. The panel has a standard thickness of 65mm and a width up to 1230mm. Maximum height can reach 4500mm tall its vertical seal. together with the horizontal top and bottom retractable seals provide excellent acoustic insulation property of maximum STC-45 in laboratory setting. Its high performance per dollar value make it become the most economical suitable for restaurant schools, office, religion, hospitals, shopping arcades and many other indoor applications product.


65 Series Track System:

For Omani-Directional panel up to 225kg. Two carriers are provided per panel, Each carrier has two horizontal counter-rotating wheels that roll not slide) in the track. Each wheel has precision ground bearings, encased with POM for quiet operation. Carriers easily negotiate square or angled corners without switches. Usual dimension from the ceiling to the structure is 200mm.




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