Semiautomatic Sliding Wall Partition High Partition

Semiautomatic Sliding Wall Partition High Partition

● Model Number :Type65/80/100 operable partition
● Matching Track: Type65/80/100 anodized aluminum track system
● Carrier bearing capacity: 225kg-1300kg
● Panel thickness:65/80/100mm
● Main structure:Anodized aluminum+aluminum Keel
● Base board:MDF,plywood;
● Rock wool: 55kg/m3
● Surface finish:acoustic fabric.
● Panel profile concealed: optional
● Package: paper carton,plywood case,wooden pallet

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 Model Number :Type65/80/100 operable partition

 Matching Track: Type65/80/100 anodized aluminum track system

 Carrier bearing capacity: 225kg-1300kg

 Panel thickness:65/80/100mm

 Main structure:Anodized aluminum+aluminum Keel

 Base board:MDF,plywood;

 Rock wool: 55kg/m³

 Surface finish:acoustic fabric.

 Panel profile concealed: optional

 Package: paper carton,plywood case,wooden pallet


The hotel fabric Soundproof partition wall is working as room divider and used to separate the big space into different areas. Panels are precision laminated, per-finished with vinyl, fabric or other specified finish. All vertical and horizontal structural members consist of extruded aluminum components, with a snap-on base made of extruded vinyl. Panels lift into floor and ceiling tracks to form a rigid, uniform wall system that provides excellent sound transmission resistance with a STC rating of 32 to 53dB.


Semi-automatic sliding wall partition high partition

The nominal thickness of movable partition wall is 100mm.

The movable partition wall panel frames are made of standard construction grade aluminum alloy.

Surface panels are available in 12mm thick MDF board, particle board, gypsum board.

Different soundproof material infill and surface material decide the acoustic performance to meet different STC requirements.



Movable Partition Wall Suspension Systems

The aluminum track system is made of natural construction grade aluminum alloy.

Each single suspension hanging wall divider panel has vertical metal bearing wheels on the track.

Different options for track crossings can be used to meet specific design requirements.

Single or dual panel suspension options to accommodate different parking layout designs and requirements.

Following are regular parking options:


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