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Club Project In Guatemala Completed!
Mar 08, 2020

Club project in Guatemala completed!

Project name: Club project

Finishes: Artificial leather finish

Noise reduction level(STC): 48DB

Thickness: 80 mm

Model series:Type80

Panel height: 3500/2820/2400mm


Date: March, 2019

Club project is located in Guatemala which was completed in March, 2019. The client came to Egood to finalize all technical details of movable partition wall at the end of 2018. Half month later, client placed order to Egood and requested for loading before Chinese new year. There are two main halls and three small halls need to have room division, totally six sets of movable wall are needed. Besides, as per client’s request, the surface finish of movable partition has to be artificial leather, matching the hall design and fire retardant. So Egood provided artificial finish with two colors and fire retardant treatment.

Site photos after installation:

Movable partition wall

Technical drawing:

Storage room is a room for stacking movable wall, though it is not essential for all the project, it can greatly hide movable wall which won’t interrupt space of main room. In that project, Egood’s sales gave a good solution for this. Client was very happy about the movable partition wall, sending back site photos and gave good comments. We look forward to cooperating with him again in the near future!

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