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Egood Partition J2019123003 Foreign Trade Order Sent To Libya
Jul 08, 2020

At 10 a.m. on July 8, this is a sunny day. Egood movable partitioned the foreign trade order No. J2019123003 for delivery. The quality inspector checked the product's certificate and product logo one by one to confirm the acceptance. The 65 type door panel, Rail hanging wheels and other accessories, sanitary partition break packaging cabinets, and shipped to Libyan customers!

movable partition

Good products come from good quality and good repuation, Egood movable partitions can be favored by customers, from Egood movable partitions, as always, innovative research and development, down-to-earth, for the sake of customers.

A set of movable partition products are continuously sent from a solid partition production workshop to customers around the world, which has won the general recognition and praise of users at home and abroad. Give me a trust, I will return you A responsibility, in the future, Egood movable partition will continue to work hard to create greater glories!

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