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How To Arrange The Hotel Movable Partition To Make The Effect Better?
Jul 28, 2020

The functions of traditional partitions basically cannot meet the requirements of modern partitions. With the birth of movable partitions, it gradually replaced the position of traditional partitions. However, how to arrange the movable partitions is also a very delicate problem, so some evolved Partition customization requirements, and how to reasonably plan hotel-type movable partitions? Let's analyze it together below.


movable partition

1. Diversified cooperation and function setting of the adjacent space

The function of the hotel movable partition wall is roughly divided into two types: interior decoration and storage. Now we are combining these two methods with reasons for reasonable planning. When we choose to use multi-functional bookshelves as movable partition walls, not only It can only be used to decorate books and can also preserve some small collections of valuable meaning for companies, not only to highlight the taste, but also to cultivate temperament; and most people in China choose to use partition screens as partition walls to bring space to the environment. Comes very intense freshness.


2. Movable partition wall pattern and reasonable selection of raw materials

In the design of the partition wall, we must also follow the guidelines that match the interior planning style to achieve color consistency and rich and exquisite design. The partition wall is integrated into the space, just like the original form of the space.


3. The whole image depicting the active partition wall and interior

The partition product is not a load-bearing wall, on the contrary, it has a certain degree of pulling left and right, so its modeling method is changeable, the environment and the degree of freedom are large, and it can change the shape of each student at will without being restricted by law. This is a relatively choice It is appropriate to develop the technical transformation of space at will. When planning and designing the space, we must pay attention to the changes of the partition and the length of the space, as well as the combination of true and false information. As long as strong commonality is sufficient to create an excellent movable partition wall.


4. The partition wall and the deployment of all styles of indoor activities are consistent

The choice of hotel movable partition is modern style or Chinese classical style, or European style, Japanese style, etc. It is not arbitrarily decided, but when setting this technical requirement, it should be analyzed and adjusted according to the entire space style layout of the hotel, and ensure Definite deployment.

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