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Operable Partition Wall in Theme Park Application
Dec 14, 2021

The bicycle theme park was built by Shandong Junrui Agriculture Co., Ltd. with an investment of 12 million yuan, covering an area of 15,000 square meters. Mainly construct bicycle theme pavilions, bicycle clubs, bicycle experience areas, starting points of races around the lake, reception centers, event venues, bicycle theme park sculpture signs, etc. The bicycle theme pavilion is located on the bank of the beautiful Yunmeng Lake with rippling blue waves. It is the first bicycle theme pavilion in Yimeng Mountain. The story and the growth process of national brands and modern bicycles, as well as the development trend of future bicycles.

park movable partition wall

Guangdong EGOOD Partition Products Co., Ltd. has specialized in the production of movable partition products for 20 years. Being experienced with hunders of large scale projects like exhibition hall movable wall,convention center operable wall etc, Egood is surely qualified to undertake this project. Adopting advanced produce technology and high-quality materials, coupled with 20 years of production technology, EGOOD is outstanding in the field.

partition wall

                                                                                                Installation at site 

The internal space of the bicycle theme pavilion is of height 7.5 meters. It is also workable to use type 80 movable partitions. However, in order to have a better sound insulation effect, the owner choose 100 type movable partitions. Compared with 80 type, type100 is thicker and firmer, and the sound insulation effect is better, reaching 51db. After installation, it is covered with a veneer. The overall effect is very high-grade.

operable wall

Installation finished at site

HPL partition wall

Project Name: Shandong Yunmeng Lake Bicycle Theme Exhibition Hall Activity Partition Project

Partition type: American type 100 movable partition

Partition height: 7.5 meters

Total partition area: 330 square meters

Sound insulation coefficient: 51db

More details please contact Egood project manager:

E-mail: info@chinajls.com

What'sAPP:+86 18927795979

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