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In Addition To Smart Handling Of Space, What Is The Function Of Mobile Partition?
Oct 06, 2020

In today's decoration, people pay more attention to the effect and quality. Mobile partition is a kind of flexible partition product besides fixed partition. It can handle various problems of space skillfully, and its movable feature makes its name spread rapidly. So far, many hotels, restaurants, exhibition halls, schools, enterprises and so on use it to replace the solid wall in the interior Different color patterns can be created at any time.

According to the modern style of decoration, this kind of movable partition wall also keeps up with the trend. Considering the factors of daylighting, it is convenient for some places to use. Glass can also be inlaid on the partition wall, so that more light can be passed through the room. In addition, the partition system can also be made into hollow carving style, which is quite classical Chinese style, with delicate and exquisite processing techniques.


Mobile partition wall is the wall that distinguishes the interior of the space, separates the space with different use functions, maintains the communication within the space, and replaces the solid wall to isolate the space. It is used in many places in life. It can be used to separate the space for places with small house type. Different spaces can be used for different uses, such as hotels With it to break up the whole into parts, for the scattered use can also save space and energy, whether it is life or business is very needed.

Through the above introduction, I believe you are no stranger to mobile partition. Movable partition wall can be seen everywhere in hotels, restaurants, office buildings and other high-end places. So what are the characteristics of mobile partition? What is the basic function of the mobile partition?

1. Protecting walls

I know that some "partition walls" in construction should not only bear the load as load-bearing components, but also be made into enclosure structures according to the needs of production and days, so as to achieve the purposes of shelter from wind and rain, thermal insulation, noise prevention and safety, and some moving intervals only coordinate the enclosure function. Therefore, according to the functions and requirements of different walls, the mobile interval decoration should improve the durability of the wall, compensate and improve the lack of function of the wall, without affecting the normal function of the wall data.

2. Decoration appearance

Although the appearance function of a building mainly depends on the volume, method, share, standard, comparison between the true and the false, the texture, color and line shape of the wall decoration are also important factors that constitute the overall effect. We assume that different moving interval wall materials have different structures, which will have different application and decoration functions.

Now the material used for partition is aluminum alloy keel, which is composed of tempered glass, triamine plate, steel plate and other materials. Such a high interval can have good perspective, good lighting, easy to clean, etc. As time goes on, there will be some dust flying into the joint of high interval aluminum alloy keel, which can be sucked out by vacuum cleaner. The surface of the board or steel surface, do not use water or detergent to scrub, just use chicken feather duster or soft towel to scrub quietly.

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