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Is The Insulation Effect Of Hotel Movable Partition Really So Magical?
Oct 09, 2020

We all know that the movable partition is a very practical decoration product. The movable partition can not only divide the area for the hotel, but also has excellent decoration effect. In the summer, due to the large indoor space of the hotel, the cooling speed of air conditioning can not keep up with the loss speed, which costs electricity and the refrigeration effect is not good. In winter, the hotel's indoor space is too large, which will lead to the loss of indoor heating too fast, which will also give customers a very unfriendly dining experience. However, the emergence of movable partition can solve these two rooms well For internal space problem, use the hotel to separate the larger space into smaller space, effectively reduce the air flow speed, and make customers feel more comfortable. The movable partition wall has the functions of energy saving and environmental protection, sound insulation and noise reduction, anti-collision and decoration space. It is mainly used in Convention and Exhibition Center, hotel, restaurant, conference room, exhibition hall and other places.


The material used in hotel partition wall has good thermal insulation capacity, which can make the air conditioning inside the space not easy to lose, and the insulation effect can even reduce the power consumption of air conditioning. For some places like hotels, the cost of air conditioning is also an expenditure that can not be ignored. The movable partition wall can also effectively block the invasion of cold air from the outside. When the outside is relatively cold, because of the existence of the movable partition wall, the indoor people do not feel cold.

In public places, the performance requirements for sound insulation and fire prevention are relatively strict. The appearance of movable partition solves the headache problem of many decorators. Good sound insulation and flexible use mode, as well as the durable quality created by high-quality materials, make it popular as soon as it appears.

When designing the appearance of hotel movable partition, it is necessary to coordinate with the internal style and external scope of the whole building. The partition system is to divide the space according to the needs of people. The space form can be different, and the space style can be different. No matter what kind of movable partition is designed, harmony and integration is the purpose of each decoration, so that everything can be integrated In the large space environment, it is not out of place, so as to create infinite space reverie in the fixed space scope.

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