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New Fireproof Material Use On Movable Wall
May 10, 2022

Ice fire board is composed of base material board, adhesive layer and dipped paper. Generally speaking, the substrate board is a non-asbestos fiber cement board, the dipped paper is a decorative paper impregnated with a resin adhesive, the adhesive layer is a phenolic adhesive, and the dipped paper is glued on both sides of the substrate board through the phenolic adhesive. Or one-sided. The thickness of the base material board is 5-12mm, and the ice and fire board of the utility model replaces the wooden base material and attaches the dipped paper to the fireproof base material, which not only saves the construction time of appearance modification, but also is easy to manufacture and construct, and overcomes the problem of non-asbestos fiber cement board. Congenital rough material construction is more cumbersome defects, with good fire, waterproof and anti-corrosion properties. Ice fire board is a new type of building material which is cured by various methods. Appeared on the market with a new face, and used in architectural decoration and movable partition wall, making it unique in style, satisfying needs of wood facing finish and fireproof, waterproof characteristics.

fire-proof  board


fireproof partition wall

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