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What Are The Places To Pay Attention To In The Design Of Office Movable Partition Walls?
Jan 05, 2020

What are the places to pay attention to in the design of office movable partition walls?


 office movable partition walls


(1) Design according to the nature of the work.

First of all, the design of the office partition wall needs to consider the work area of the public employee and the nature of the work. The nature of the sales staff is different from the nature of the back office operation department. The former environment is often complicated and the noise is loud, while the back office operation department generally needs to be quiet. The working environment, if the department of editing and design type has greater need for the quietness of the environment, the design of the partition wall requires more protection of the privacy of the staff, ensuring that the work is free from interference and can be fully carried out. Thinking.


office movable partition walls


(2) Maintain the transparency of the office area.

Keeping the work area's illumination and ventilation performance is another important part of the office activity partition wall design. Therefore, the office activity partition design can first consider the use of transparent glass for partition decoration, and the movable glass partition construction is simple and convenient to operate, and at the same time has environmental protection performance. Can be reused multiple times.


(3) Fully guarantee the privacy performance of the office area.

Regardless of the nature of work or personal privacy, the design of the office partition wall requires a certain sound insulation function to ensure the confidentiality of the work. Therefore, it is necessary to use the movable partition wall with certain sound insulation effect to cut off the decoration to ensure the enterprise. The privacy of each department's work and the protection of the company's trade secrets are exposed.

office movable partition walls


(4) Guarantee the effectiveness and coordination of office activities.

A company usually consists of different departments, and the division of sales, customer service, operations, administration, personnel, finance, etc., is required to meet the validity, timeliness, and coordination. It is not possible to place the logistics part at the entrance of the company. This is a routine. Design, while ensuring that all departments work more time-saving, can fully coordinate and communicate.

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