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Senuri Holiday Resort Ultrahigh Movable Partition Wall Project In Negombo, Sri Lanka
Dec 19, 2018

Senuri Holiday Resort located in No. 111 Detagamuwa, 91400 Kataragama, Sri Lanka.  It provides accomodation, banquet wedding and different kinds of activities like a function and so on.  The Partition wall in banquet hall is 6475mm height neraly 20000mm length.  We recommended ultrahighaluminum track system with STC 53db for this hall.  Client chose plywood base borad and they make the wall paper finished by themselves.


Senuri holiday inn 


Note: Senuri banquet still under construction 


Senuri Holiday Resort track layout.  All panels will be stacked in pocket. 


Our ultrahigh system use automatic trunning system. Picture is Egood staff are packaging the automatic turnning jucntion.  


How track look like in Senuri hotel. 






Senuri Holiday Resort partition panels elevation. Clients are satisfied with whole system and welcome any one from Sri lanka visit the place to check the quality. 

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