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The Advantages Of Movable Partition
May 27, 2021

The movable partition have so many advantages ,the main advantages as below:

1. Ground trackless suspension: there is no track on the floor, so only the track is installed on the ceiling;

2. Stable and safe: stable and reliable after partition, not easy to swing;

3. Sound insulation and environmental protection: good sound insulation effect, maximum sound insulation coefficient up to 53dB;

4. Heat insulation and energy saving: good heat insulation performance, according to different occupancy rate, the large space is divided into small space, in order to reduce air conditioning power consumption;

5. High efficiency fire prevention: the use of high efficiency fire prevention materials, good fire performance;

6. Beautiful and generous: arbitrary decoration on the surface, can be unified with the indoor decoration effect;

7. Flexible closure: the partition freely, flexible promotion, a person can complete the whole process of partition;

8. Convenient collection: when receiving the board, the partition can be hidden in the special storage cabinet, which does not affect the overall appearance;

9. Widely used: can be used in conference hall, exhibition hall, restaurant, high clean factory and office and other place

movable partiton

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