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Let The Space Transform Freely And Be Elected As The Design Of The Partition Wall Of The Hotel
Jan 04, 2020

As a large public place to receive guests, in addition to providing a comfortable rest environment, there must be a warm and quiet dining area. The design of the hotel's movable partition wall can reasonably,plan the space and make effective use of the space.


movable partition wall


Regarding the banquet hall dining style, people are more inclined to diversify, which has also set a new standard for the transformation of the hotel's large banquet hall. As a product integrating modern technology, the hotel's movable partition wall has a better use effect than the fixed wall of masonry structure. The dining environment is more in line with people's needs. For example, some diners want to have a private environment for dining in a large banquet hall. This was difficult to achieve in the past. The fixed indoor environment is a very big constraint. Behind the wall, it's quite different. It can not only make the large space into multiple independent small spaces to use at any time, but also connect these small spaces into one, and change back to the large space when appropriate. In this way, the hotel's partition wall can indeed make the banquet hall meet the dining needs of different sizes.


With the improvement of national living standards, large-scale five-star hotels are increasing, and the quality requirements for hotel’s movable partition walls have been continuously improved. EGOOD hotel's movable partition have 21 years of experience in production of activity partitions, and always adhere to the "quality is the brand of ”Philosophy, adhere to the ingenuity, creative space, and provide professional space customization solutions for users at home and abroad. If you also expect to have the right to use this product, please contact us.

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