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Rushing day and night, high partition panel is going to Tianjin!
Nov 05, 2021

The International Youth Exchange Center is located in the east area of Tuanbo New Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin. It covers an area of about 5,000 acres. And it is the second national-level youth off-campus activity camp after Shanghai Oriental Land in the China. 

The center is equipped with supporting constructions such as teaching service area, life practice area, animal and plant science education area, outdoor activity area, academic and agricultural base, and national defense education base. The center provides comprehensive practical experience for the majority of students. Outdoor courses include military training, zoo studies, field labor, vegetable cognition, wetland tracing, and earth guards, etc. The indoor courses cover facial makeup art, plastic weaving art, and metal wire. Crafts, quilling paper art, electropyrography art, etc. 

Virtual renderings of Jinghai Youth International Exchange Center

This project uses our American series type 100 movable panels with ultrahigh steel track. The total area of the project is as high as 470 square meters and the panel height is 9200mm. In order to avoid damage to the finish during transportation, our company provides 12mm fire rated bare plywood. And the surface of the panel will be contracted by the local decoration company.

12mm fire rated bare plywood board

When the production order is issued, Egood staff always don't hesitate to roll up their sleeves and work hard, rushing around the clock 24 hours a day, rushing to the needs of customers, and striving to complete the delivery in the shortest time.

high panel is very heavy!

At present, the production of door panels has come to an end, and the technicians sent by our company have arrived at the construction site in advance. We are in close communication with the site for a smooth entry. According to the plan, the loading will be completed at ten o'clock tonight. Let us wish the project going smoothly together, and also look forward to the successful completion of the project.

two forklift is busy with loading.

Finally, let us appreciate the beauty of the Jinghai Youth International Exchange Center once again.

Gate of Jinghai Youth International Exchange Center

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