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Type 65 movable wall, the space expert of conference room
Dec 19, 2021

The noisy space undoubtedly brings a very bad experience to the participants in the meeting. As a partition for professional conference and office decoration, the type 65 conference room movable partition naturally needs to take care of the needs of customers, and pursue precise layout, sound insulation and noise reduction. In order to pursue the perfection of the two parts, more and more multifunctional meeting rooms inside the hotel tend to use the event partition of the meeting room, which can have a good effect both in the internal nature and in the space layout. The Egood movable partition will analyze the ability of the movable wall of conference room for you.

conference room movable partition wall

Advantages of meeting room space layout

Different from the usual layout of other parts of the hotel, the meeting room should be arranged for different company environments, and the demand for venue and personnel is relatively high. Compared with the meeting room caused by the physical wall, the movable partition is more capable Let the site become rich and diverse, and the space can be reasonably allocated for different environmental needs.

The space layout can be carried out by hanging rails or folding, and can be expanded and stored in response to different needs, and the multi-hall can be arranged in a single hall by using movable partitions.

multi-hall movable wall system

Conference room decorative advantages

The decoration performance is also the outstanding point of the movable partition. For different styles of decoration, different finishes can be used for the movable partition, or luxurious or simple, and can be customized according to the different needs of the hotel. This benefits from the performance of the single-fan manufacturing of the movable partition , Customized services can be carried out before leaving the factory to meet the needs of the environment, which is sufficient to meet the rigid requirements of most meetings.

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