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Types Of Movable Wall
Jun 08, 2021
Types of movable walls

Some movable walls are permanent. These are retracted in situ when they are not needed. Others are temporary and are removed, relocated and reinstalled in different locations when needed.

Movable walls come in two main configurations: modular or unitised. Modular walls require on-site assembly and are delivered in sections. Unitised walls are delivered in a semi-assembled state and can be quicker to instal.

Electrically-operated walls or room dividers are typically more expensive than manually operated walls. If frequent moves are required and the ceiling can support the electric system, this option may be preferred. Manually operated walls might be used in spaces where the ceiling and wall supports would be unable to carry the weight of an electric system.

Vertical folding walls slide into compartments in ceiling spaces when not in use. Since they retract into the ceiling, they require no floor space. Vertical folding walls are typically electrically operated and require less structural support than their horizontal counterparts. Horizontal movable walls are more commonly used, and may be available with greater customisation options including glass, wood and many other finishes. Some even integrate technology, so walls can serve as smart surfaces to support business functions.

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