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Where Can The Office Partition Wall Be Applied?
Jun 13, 2020

Office partition wall is a design mode that divides a large area into several multi-functional small areas. Its diversified deformation design has gradually met the needs of most applications. Nowadays, more and more application sites are choosing good office partition walls, so in which places can such office partition walls be applied?

office partition wall

1. Multifunctional Hall

It is understood that all companies today attach great importance to the design of multi-function halls, because it can optimize the space combination of multi-function halls, such as partitioning the leading office, multimedia equipment room and reception room. The large multi-functional hall separated by the partition wall can be divided into multiple independent small areas and these areas will still maintain a strong sense of spatial hierarchy.

2. Banquet hall

The use of office partition walls in banquet halls is particularly common in daily life. Some hotel banquet rooms tend to choose mobile partition walls because it is more flexible and can slide at will; while some hotels prefer soft partitions in each independent small area. The compartment area is made of fabrics with exquisite texture and beautiful color as partitions, which is both artistic and practical.

3. Exhibition Hall

It is reported that more and more exhibition halls today use office partition walls. The overall exhibition hall area and space are large, so you need to use a good office partition wall to separate independent exhibition halls, and different exhibition halls can set different display content, such as certain settings for product display, certain settings Technology exhibitions, etc., different compartments will fill the entire exhibition hall with magical powers, attracting visitors to explore step by step.


Nowadays, the functions of office partition walls have been paid more and more attention by enterprises, and those that have been evaluated are widely used in various occasions. According to incomplete statistics, in addition to the large number of office partition walls used in multi-function halls, banquet halls and exhibition halls, there are also some large open building spaces that also use a large number of trusted office partition walls.

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