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Which Structural Form Is More Suitable For Office Glass Partition Wall?
Sep 02, 2020

The types and functions of office glass Partition wall are constantly innovating, and there are many different types of office partition walls with guaranteed quality. These partition walls not only have the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation, but also have the effect of partition and decoration. In different areas, a variety of partition walls with different structures can be used. Now, the paper briefly describes which structural forms are more suitable for office glass partition walls.

1. Combination structure


Office glass partition wall breaks the shackles of the traditional diaphragm connecting structure, and adopts a new combined structure to replace the old partition structure. In fact, the combined structure is not only suitable for various types of glass partition wall, but also suitable for the combination of different materials such as glass and panel. Its changeable combination structure has won the appreciation and affirmation of many users.


2. Split structure


The traditional office glass partition wall is not only a single material, but also a single form of decoration. But today's office glass partition wall has been significantly improved in function and decoration style, such as the split structure adopted by the glass partition wall, which is particularly suitable for unilateral disassembly and assembly of glass, so as to facilitate the cleaner to maintain the glass partition wall more thoroughly.


3. Fabricated structure


According to a large number of survey statistics show that the vast majority of office enterprises are particularly favored in the form of prefabricated structure. This kind of structure means that when assembling the office glass partition wall, the glass shockproof pad is combined with different profiles, so that the partition wall can be assembled freely, so that some partition walls can be easily disassembled and cleaned.


Office glass partition wall is widely used in large office area and office building passageway. In particular, those office partition walls with good evaluation are among the top several in the sales list. According to market survey feedback, office glass partition walls can also adopt other partition structures, such as split type and assembly type, in addition to composite structure.

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