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Yangchun Donghu Holiday Hotel Project
Nov 18, 2022

Project name: Yangchun Donghu Holiday Hotel

Movable partition model: German 85 movable partition

Height of movable partition: 3m

Sound insulation factor: 48 decibels

As long as the effort, every month is the peak season, there is a speed, called non-stop rush goods, there is a responsibility, called quality and quantity to ensure punctuality. Today, three factories need to send a batch of movable partition goods to Yangchun Donghu, this batch of goods is the custom movable partition of Holiday Inn in Yangchun Donghu, using the German 85 movable partition, the height of 3 meters. This order is urgent, need to rush to complete the installation before the opening of the work, Egood staff is also non-stop overnight installation, Egood this responsible and punctual work attitude by the customer's recognition, the customer is very satisfied with this cooperation! The following order delivery pictures are attached for you.

Shipment picture :

Shipment picture

Partition Shipment picture

The rendering :

hotel movable partition wall

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