Customized Double Glazed 90 Office Partition

Customized Double Glazed 90 Office Partition

● Surface finish: tempered glass
● STC: 45db
● Panel thickness: 90mm
● Glass option: clear, frosted
● Division: according to site condition
● Finish layer: single or double glass
● Mixed finishes: available
● Door: available
● Blind: available
● Lock: narrow type

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Office decoration is more popular use of aluminum glass partition, aluminum glass partition as for why popular, mainly because there are many  advantages of aluminum glass partition, so that most of the people prefer to choose it . Serve as a kind of partition, no matter be to divide a space adequately or serve as adornment, it have its special lightspot,  now let us to know the advantages :

The glass partition panel is detachable, 90% of the material can be used twice, greatly increasing the utilization rate of heavy grain, so that the partition system can be taken away. People also do not have to worry about the problem of installation after disassembly, high compartment free clever combination creative space, its easy to install, no pollution does not produce dust. Glass partition is also because of its easy installation.

Characteristic:latest european style

Profile thickness :90mm

Materials: Double layer 5mm tempered glass plus anodized aluminum top and bottom frame

Core Construction:Glass to glass joint by aluminum frame

Metal steel inner structure: Steel keel structure

Surface materials:5mm thick double tempered glass

Module Dimension:As per plan

Avarage thickness of profile :3.0mm

Sound insulation:43~45db

Frame color:Dark, Gray , sliver color



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