Single Glass Office Partition

Single Glass Office Partition

■Style:latest European style,available for full glass with blind or combine with board
■Wall THK:90mm
■Wall finish 1:8-12mm thickness
●Structure Core:aluminum w/ steel structure
●Surface materials:6 mm thick double glass as double glazed
●Modular Size:width 800mm to 1200mm
●Avarage thikncess of profile :1.0 to 3.0mm
●Sound insulation:35-42db
●Color:white, black, sliver , gray

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Single Glass Office Partition is one of prefabricated office partitions series. It is tailor for your specified project, comply to clients requirements. Wall surface available of glass,melamine laminate and steel sheet.

We adopt clear and ultra clear tempred glass, which looks high quality and luxury; Melamine laminate board can be plain colors and with different timber grain, so as well steel sheet.

Being unique that when adopt steel sheet, we compose it with 12mm gypsum board on both side of the wall, that make it a truely solid structure and performs good sound insulation, meanwhikle fire retardant.

Please share us the project floor plan,we will get back to you with the premium solution.

using the electrostatic powder coating technology.
Color by spraying different batches of a slight color difference,color on the delivery date.

Product NameEgood type90 Single Glass Office Partition wall
Stylefull glass with blind or combine with board
Wall Thickness90mm
Aluminum profile thickness0.8mm to 3.0mm
Wall Surface8-10mm thickness of tempered fire glass for Mid- single glass partition, 5-6mm thickness of tempered glass for side-single glass partition.
Frame Structurealuminum and steel
Seals rubber
Module DimensionAs per plan , regular size 1.2m
Fire Retardant32db to 45db

single glass

partition wall office

*installation steps*

installation steps

▲Partition up to ceiling

office partition installation

▲Wall starter installation & vertical adjustment

detachable office partition wall fixing

Wall starter installation

▲Top and bottom groove installation&vertical

Top and bottom groove installation

▲Corner pole installation


▲Horizontal panels connection

Corner pole installation

▲Vertical panels connection

Vertical panels connection

▲Blind installation

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