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Office glass partitions make the room brighter and more transparent
Jul 22, 2020

Guangdong Egood Partition believes that a good office work environment is particularly important for white-collar workers. Working in a sunny space will not only provide good lighting, save electricity, and mood will also be different. For modern office buildings in China In terms of enterprise development, there is no difficulty in realizing our teaching target market. All this can be done by using glass partitions.

glass partition

Unexpectedly, the wall can be transparent, but it can also be so solid. They say that walls are load-bearing, which is common sense. In addition, the building foundation has, of course, also load-bearing walls. Then, like a load-bearing wall as a glass partition, can't it be used?


At present, our country still needs to sort out the concepts. What is partition? Partition refers to the façade that is specially managed to separate the interior design space. Applied research is more flexible and mainly serves as a shelter. Generally, it is not under the board. Some students and even enterprises can move through it. The big difference between him and the partition wall is that the partition wall is under the board, that is, the height of the facade is different.

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