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Pay attention to the knowledge points of fireproof glass partition
May 16, 2020

So what is a fireproof glass partition? The editor compiled the following three for you:


1. Steel structure fireproof glass partition

It is made of special-shaped special-shaped steel profiles through refractory treatment, according to different circumstances, you can choose not to use high-profile. Its structure is stable and firm, and it can reach the maximum lighting area with the least frame.

2. Fireproof glass partition with aluminum alloy finish

It is a structural frame that combines aluminum alloy materials and fireproof materials to become a fireproof partition. Fireproof glass partitions are generally widely used in areas with special fire protection requirements, such as offices, computer rooms, and processing plants. At present, a single piece of fireproof glass partition is common on the market. There are two types of glass used. One is a fireproof glass partition wall made of cesium potassium fireproof glass. The characteristics of cesium potassium fireproof glass are high strength and high fire resistance. Production is flexible and convenient. The other is the fire-resistant glass partition made of soda-lime fire-resistant glass. Sodium-lime fire-resistant glass is made by adding calcium dioxide before mixing the original glass. This kind of glass has few manufacturers, the original glass has low light transmittance, the mesh structure is like ceramics, the fire resistance temperature is high, the impact strength is small, large-scale glass production is difficult, and the cutting yield is low. Therefore, the general fireproof glass partition wall in the market is mainly made of cesium potassium fireproof glass. Due to the chaotic current production of fire partition walls, various partition wall companies all produce and process them in different forms, and some of them fail to meet the requirements of fire protection.


In addition, the spray method is used to produce fireproof glass. If only one side of the glass is sprayed, the sprayed surface must face the fire point during installation. In addition, the spray method must be sprayed three to four times on one side to make the film uniform. Only spraying on both sides can reach the national inspection standard. Therefore, the fire-resistant glass produced by this method is prone to defects in quality, and thus fails to meet the national quality standards.

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