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Ten advantages of Egood movable partition wall
Sep 29, 2021

Why choose Egood as your movable and fixed partition supplier?

  1. Egood is a leading manufacuturer engaging design, manufacture, installation and after sale over18 years experience in Guangdong province. We focus on movable and fixed partition business only.

  2. Egood's business not only reaches every province of China but also extends to over 100 countries, includingKSA, USA, Singapore and Australia and etc...

  3. Egood strictly implements ISO9001 quality control system that ensures every single part of partition at client'srequirement.

  4. Egood is the only factory in China that passed acoustic test under ASTM standard in Hongkong.

  5. Benefit by its well trained technical staffs, Egood set up the service hotline. After receipt of client complaint feedback, Egood is able to offer solution within 6 hours. Technicans will be sent to solve problem if needed.

Lets see the ten advantages of Egood movable wall products. 

  1. Egood's latest carrier is made by Dupont POM material (polyformaldehyde) to meet its best wear resistance, the high carbon chromium bearing steel has reached to a strength standard of 8.8 grade, can greatly improve the durability and lifetime of operable partition system.

  2. Egood imported roller system

  3. Egood's double, corrosion-resistant aluminum track systems are easy to install and easier to maintain. Extruding enables each section to have a uniform shape for superior end-to-end alignment. Each capacity-certified track is of extruded architectural grade clear anodized 6063-T6 aluminum.

    Egood upgraded track system

  4. The top and bottom retractable seal activator has been fluently operated for every panel, Egood has upgraded into strengthened 304 stainless steel crank handle shaft while others are still in the use of thin iron materials. It prolongs the using life and increases artistry, aslo can be conveniently screwed, installedand replaced.

    Egood`s patent, the 304 stainless steel crank handle, and the 304 stainless steel telescopic jamb activator which have been used for the last closure panel operation. Compared with those made of ordinary concave iron shaft cup, Egood's last much longer, not easily deformed and damaged, can ensure the safety of movable partition.

    Egood 304 stainless steel accessories

    Egood 304 stainless steel accessories

  5. Egood has never used poor quality specification for each process to ensure every accessory 100% qualified even for a small screw and connecting pieces. Egood always keeps improving and providing the best products. All products strictly implement the relevant internationalstandards.

    Egood 304 stainless steel accessories

  6. The safety and stability of movable partition are greatly affected by the internal keel material. Egood firstly fixes the 6063-T6 aluminum square keels and keeps every two keels at a distance max 600mm, to ensure the panel structure more stable and not easily deformed even after many years'using. Compared with other same industry manufacturers, Egood uses consumer insight to drive higher quality products and better service.

    Egood 6063-T6 aluminum keel

    More details and inquiry please contact:

    Phone/Whats'APP: +86 17328967779

    Email : sales3@chinajls.com

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