Soundproof Restaurant Operable Wall With Wooden

Soundproof Restaurant Operable Wall With Wooden

● Model: Type65,80,100
● STC: 32-53db
● Thickness of panel:65, 80, 100mm
● Frame color: Optional
● Track system: Type60, Type65 and Type80
● Windows: Available
● Height: From 2meters to 7.5 meters;
● Pass door: Single, double leaf
● Infill materials: Acoustic rockwool.
● Surface finish: Wood veneer finish

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Every restaurant has its own needs, and we’re here to help you meet them. Built tough, our restaurant movable partitions can easily be customized with your requirements like surface finish design and soundproof performance. Movable partition is a perfect solution to optimize restaurant room space. Big room can be divided into several small rooms to run the business at the same time. It is not only a ideal room division solution but also soundproof performance.


Just roll your operable partition into position, lock it, and enjoy your newly created private space in your office, school, church, hospitality, government setting, or anywhere you need division. Use your divider as a room partition, temporary wall, sound barrier,and much, much more.


Who we are-The Egood Partition Walls is aluminum-framed operable partition is the most versatile operable wall constructed today. Partitions are a series of flat panels, approximately range from 600mm(23") to 1200mm(47") wide. They have a wide array of features and options to meet most design and budget requirements. Models are acoustically rated, available in 65mm(2.6") ,80mm(3")or 100mm(4") thick models, and in single, pair hinged configurations.


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