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Congratulation For Completion Of Atlanta Sheraton Hotel Project
Feb 28, 2020

Project name:Atlanta Sheraton hotel

Finishes:12mmfire retardant plywood base board wrapped with fabric

Noise reduction level(STC): 53DB

Thickness: 100 mm

Model series:Type100

Panel height: 3658mm


Date:Jun 2019

Atlanta Sheraton hotel

Atlanta Sheraton hotel is located in Atlanta where is the capital and most populous city in the U.S. state of Georgia. The hotel is planed to be launched in 2019. The contractor of hotel came to Egood for solution of movable partition wall at the end of 2018 and order was placed then.

The movable partition wall is designed to divide meeting room into four small rooms, which requires 3 sets of high soundproof and good surface design panel. Besides, the contractor asked for fire retardant treatment on the panel, so Egood provided both soundproof and fire retardant solution by adding galvanized steel and fire retardant based board .

Egood finished production at the beginning of 2019 and then delivered the goods to USA before Chinese new year. After receiving the goods, the contractor successfully installed the movable partition under guidance of Egood’s engineer. The user was very satisfied with the performance of movable partition and gave good comments.

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