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Loading Finished! Movable Partition Wall On The Way To Ecuador
Feb 29, 2020

Loading finished! movable partition wall on the way to Ecuador

Project name: Hotel holiday Inn quito salons

Type: Type100

Surface finish: wallcloth

STC: 51db

Panel height: 3300mm

Loading time: 15th Jan. 2020

After finalizing all technical details with Egood’s area sales manager, client from Ecuador placed order of movable partition to Egood and requested for delivery before Chinese new year holiday. Though the workshop was extremely busy, delivery time was settle down and production was started as scheduled. After 2 weeks production, Egood loaded the movable partition wall on 15th,Jan. without delay. 


Now the container is on the way to Ecuador and hopefully arrives in the beginning of March. Egood treats each order carefully, after client receive the goods, Egood’s engineer will help client to install and train them to operate movable wall in a right way. Egood not only provides good product but also good service! 

Technical drawing:

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