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Hotel Multi Functional Meeting Room Activity Partition
Oct 13, 2020

High grade star hotels will set up a multi-functional meeting room to meet the needs of large-scale meetings and other activities of different enterprise customers every year. Generally speaking, the multi-function hall needs to meet several characteristics of "multimedia", "space" and "equipment", which are still a little difficult for some small and medium-sized hotels. But in recent years, almost all of these characteristics can be used for "lightweight", even space is no exception, spend the least money, create the maximum value.

In order to make the space "lightweight", it is necessary to make reasonable use of the large conference room space, so as to be more flexible and changeable. At this time, the emergence of hotel conference room partition can solve the problem of small and medium-sized hotels. The whole movable partition is composed of a single panel. When moving, it is moved and enclosed by the guide rail above. When the enclosure is completed, it can be fixed, which can really be stable and reliable. It helps us to make the space environment a kind of ideal state for indoor activities, as shown in the following picture.


Hotel activity partition

Two conference rooms a and B of the same size can hold a total of 500 people. Conference room a is divided into three small rooms, which can accommodate 100, 200 and 200 people respectively, while conference room B is divided into three small rooms. When an enterprise needs a meeting space of 300 people, B can quickly surround the space of 300 people through activity partition to form a separate conference room, while a cannot. In other words, when a company needs 50 people to attend a meeting, a can accommodate but wastes a lot of space, while B uses activity partitions to make the most of it.

Therefore, from our point of view, hotel activity partition not only improves the utilization rate of indoor venues, but also improves the revenue of the hotel. It can be said that it is a kill two birds with one stone approach.

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