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How To Devide The Space With Movable Partition Wall
Jan 12, 2022

Hotels and convention centers are generally not separated too much when they were built. If the hotel space is separated according to the original method during construction, but firstly the cost is high, and secondly it is not very beautiful,while takes a long time.Therfore to bring out the new trend that use movable partitions and mobile walls to divide the space, so as to save time and cost, and also have the effect of artistic beauty. Artistic design is the latest in-depth transformation of people's space volume. So why do people have to choose this mobile wall to transform the layout of this space?

convention hall partition wall

There are differentpartition wall systems to satisfy varies site condition, such as large hotel, convention centers, conference halls will require ultra high partition walls. EGOOD is a manufacturer specializing in partition products. From the finished product of the partition, to the installation, to the after-sales, it is a one-stop service.

Exhibition Center Movable wall

Guangdong EGOOD Partition Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hardware series of movable partition accessories. In the long-term production activities, it has accumulated rich experience in production, mastered the main production technology of this accessories, and broke through the extremely strict quality control of movable partition screens. Solve technical problems at the source. In order for users to use more perfect products, we work silently.

A solid movable partition brings high-quality and high-taste enjoyment to the decoration market, and fully meets the requirements of users. Keeping up with the trend of the times, we have launched an updated product series, which fully matches the function and aesthetics of space decoration, adding a higher level of taste to modern people's decorative life.

The products produced by our company have been reviewed and recognized by the Construction Hardware Committee of the China Building Decoration Association of the Ministry of Construction as "Selected Products for Engineering Construction", "China Famous Products", "Quality Trustworthy Products", and the products have won a number of "National Appearance and Utility Model Design" patent.

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