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Operable Partition Wall in Internation Youth Center,Tianjin
Dec 31, 2021

The International Youth Exchange Center is located in the east area of Tuanbo New Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin. It covers an area of approximately 5000 acres.It's the second national-level youth off-campus activity camp in the country, following the Shanghai Oriental Land.

International Youth Center

tianjin youth center

The center including teaching service area of life practice area, agricultural base, national defense education base, animal and plant science education area, outdoor activity area, etc. Focusing on youth and children's experience education, honing their will, and enjoying their childhood, we strive to build a high-quality base for the development of youth in Tianjin and even in northern China. The operation of the center is an important measure to fully implement the party's education policy, accelerate the modernization of education, build a strong education country, and run a satisfactory education for the people; it is an overall strengthening of the youth labor practice education, patriotism education, and good will and quality training. It is of great and far-reaching significance to cultivate the due meaning of socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor.

loading to Tianjin Youth center

partition wall cargo3

partitionwall laoding

Among them, the banquet hall and conference hall use the high-end Germany style type100 movable partition wall under EGOOD to plan the overall layout. The operable partition wall is installed in the middle of the banquet hall, the overall height is 10 meters, and the total area is With 324 square meters, the entire hall can be divided into two to create a banquet hall that can flexibly respond to the needs of various events. The other one of conference hall partition is set up in front of the big screen, with a height of 9 meters and a total area of 126 square meters. The main function is to store the screen to avoid collision and damage during events. When the movable partition is unfolded, there is no big screen inside.

auditorium sliding folding partition

auditorium partition wall

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